The Girl Dad Book

by liesl schuh

A children’s book about the special relationship between daddies and daughters. Illustrated by Heitor Rissato.
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girl dad book

About The Book

The Girl Dad is a children’s book celebrating the special relationship between daddies and daughters, inspired by true events that happen in everyday life. The Girl Dad highlights the positive role fathers play in the lives of their daughters and features relatable adult messaging, coupled with fun illustrations making The Girl Dad a fun read for children and adults alike.

“I wrote it to honor my husband, being the girl dad he is, and to capture the memories made with our girls. A great gift for a dad of all girls, one girl, or a daughter to her father. I hope everyone enjoys reading the book as much as I did writing it!” – Liesl Schuh

Girl Dad Book

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About Liesl Schuh

(pronounced “LEE-SUL SHOE”)
Liesl Schuh

Liesl “Darr” Schuh (pronounced LEE-SUL SHOE) is a San Antonio, Texas native, and a mother of three daughters alongside her husband, Stephen. Schuh is a first-time author and former public relations professional. She is a graduate of Texas Tech University, where she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. While attending Texas Tech, Schuh met her husband Stephen and they married in 2013.

While growing up in Texas, Schuh’s upbringing was rooted in faith, family and friendships. She carried these with her into adulthood, where, when faced with challenges, she would lean on those around her. Losing herself along the way, Schuh struggled with addiction, and entered into treatment in Spring 2015. She has since been sober and is in recovery. She remains fully aware that had she not gone through the suffering that she did, the life she has today would not have been possible. Her life experiences serve as a source of support for others struggling.

As her first written and self-published book, The Girl Dad is the celebration of the hope that can come from doing the hard work. 

“From addiction to an author, for me, the future is bright and the blessings are bountiful!” – Liesl Schuh

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What Fans Are Saying


This is an adorable story of the bond between a father and daughter! It made the perfect Father’s Day gift for my husband’s first Father’s Day with our newborn daughter. The author also goes out of her way to ensure that her customers and readers and satisfied from delivery and beyond. Would recommend this book to all girl dad new and old!

Emma B.

Amazon Review


With all the recent “GIRL DAD” buzz, I’ve been waiting for a book JUST like this! It is a very enjoyable read for ALL ages, and the book perfectly captures the sweet and extra special feelings of being a father to little ladies! Certainly a wonderful read (especially since it rhymes), but this is a MUST-HAVE for your library!


Barnes & Noble


“The Girl Dad” is the perfect children’s book for any family/father with daughters. The author perfectly depicts/illustrates all the things a father and daughter have to look forward to together. I have purchased this for several friends and even my own dad — it brings tears to everyone’s eyes!

Erica B.

Amazon Review


Love this sweet book dedicated to daddies with daughters. Perfect children’s book for your collection. Also, a great gift for that special girl dad!

Cindy E.

Amazon Review


A fun, sweet and authentic ode to any girl dad. A must buy for any dad/stepdad or even grandfather! You’ll read this one over and over.


Amazon Review


We have two girls and my husband and I constantly get asked why we don’t try for a boy. I love that this book celebrates the whole range of reasons why it’s great to be a girl dad! Obviously makes a great Father’s Day Gift, but I could also see it making a lovely baby shower, new parents, etc. gift! Or just a loving reminder for any girl dads who are still coming around to the idea that their family can be totally complete with all girls!


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